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Training the Mind and the Body will Follow

The Mental Frame How we mentally frame a given route we run or segment of a route we run or course profile can be the difference between creating for ourselves a positive experience or a negative experience. There are so many training runs where I have thought to myself “Uggh, I hate this segment” and low and behold I end up hating it and it has deleterious effects on both my performance and my experience. Over the years I’ve been ultra-running this experience has been crippling at times. In the past year or so, I have decided to take to task framing positive experiences more effectively and remapping in the mind negative experiences. In ultra-running (and life) we are faced with situations and experiences that appear and feel abysmal. It is true that there are and were negative things about the situation and experience. However, most often in hindsight we find that being resilient and reflective provides the opportunity for good things that were previously unrevea